Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deluxe Veranda Suite on Holland America

A few of our friends and family have asked to see pictures of the suite we stayed in on Holland America's ship the Ryndam.  Our cabin was on the 10th deck and we were room 004.  Our cabin type was called Deluxe Veranda Suite on Holland America Cruise Line.  We had an amazing time.  When you have a young child you tend to spend a little more time in your room, at least we do.  Staying in a suite made things a lot more easy and relaxing.  We had a lot of space, extra services - including laundry and dry cleaning, a special breakfast just for suite guests, special parties, lunches, and other perks.  If you are able to save a little more and splurge on a suite then do it.  This was our second suite to stay in, first on Holland America.  We stayed in a penthouse suite last year on Norwegian Cruise Lines and that was really nice too.  We feel extremely spoiled when we stay in a suite.  Cruise ship suites are special and so are the services, I highly recommend getting a suite if you can.  If you are unable to get a suite then I recommend splurging on the laundry service.  We used it almost daily and it was so nice to have most of our clothes clean when we returned home from our vacation.  A HUGE plus for someone who lives in Germany where it takes 3-4 hours to wash and dry one load of laundry. Ugh! We also have an amazing travel agent.  If you are looking for one, contact Cathy, she is wonderful!!

Here are some pictures of our cabin and balcony. 

Nice and comfortable king size bed

Living area

Awesome balcony!

Dressing room and where we put our son's bed at night


Jetted Tub!

Picture I took on the balcony with reflection of the size


  1. Thank you for posting this. I was hoping you would post pictures of your cabin. Tom and I are thinking about splurging for a suite but have not decided if we will or not.


  2. This looks great! We haven't ever gone on a cruise, but we plan to give it a go before our daughter graduates from high school.

    Congrats on making the Top 25 Expat Blogs! I'm stopping by to say hello, from another part of Germany (near BeNeLux).

  3. Sue, suites are nice but of course just going on a cruise is fun.

    Hausfrau, thanks for stopping by. I think you and your family would enjoy a cruise. It's an easy, less stressful way to travel. I'm going to check out your blog next.

  4. Oh, my! That is amazing. When we went Disney we had a cabin for 4 that was approximately 1/10th that size. We spent all our time trying to not be there. My 3-year-old's bed was 6 feet off the floor (what are you thinking, DISNEY??) and she DID roll off once!

  5. Wendy, your Disney room sounds painfully small. I wonder if all Disney cruise rooms are that small. We have talked about going on a Disney cruise but I don't want my kid sleeping 6 feet off the floor. Shesh!

  6. The suite looks huge! I have been considering this but was not sure if it would be worth it. My wife would like it. I have a 1 and 4 year old and have not been on a cruise in years.

    Jakob Rosenberg


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