Saturday, September 18, 2010

This NEVER Happens!

While vacationing in the States, we decided to eat at Olive Garden last week for lunch.  On the way there, our son fell asleep in the car.  I was debating whether or not to cancel eating lunch there and go back to my parents' house or take him in and risk his nap being cut short.  We decided to eat there anyway.  When we got to our table I pushed two chairs together and Collin placed our boy on the chairs.  He ended up sleeping through lunch!  He woke up right when we got our bill.  We haven't been able to have a meal and really talk with him with us since he was a newborn.  It was a nice break and I'm glad he had his nap.  I'm very committed (some would say obsessed) to him getting his daily nap.  If only I was that committed for getting sleep myself, then I'd be doing really good.

Here he's sleeping on the chairs at Olive Garden.  I used his backup shirt as a blanket.

Notice the arm rests make nice guard rails.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Texas

I am now home in Texas on vacation.  We flew in last Friday because my sister is getting married and my husband has training.  I probably won't be blogging as much while I'm in the States but I will try.

The plane ride with a toddler went pretty good.  My son did great.  I, on the other hand, not so good.  I got sick and threw up about 30 seconds before we landed.  I got a horrible headache that turned into a migraine which caused me to get nauseous.  I had never thrown up on an airplane before and hope I never do again.  Thankfully we were close to landing.

I also caught a virus probably on the plane and my allergies started acting up.  I went to a walk-in clinic on Tuesday and got some medicine because nobody would see me.  I should have just gone to a regular doctor as a non-insured person.  It would have been a lot cheaper.  I paid $175 to go to a walk-in clinic, that's crazy!  In Germany my local doctor is just 35 Euros (~$45) and he usually gives me free medicine.  We pay a lot for our insurance so we can go anywhere in the world but apparently it's anywhere but the States.  All the in-network providers in the area would not accept new patients or one-time patients.  Anyway, I'm finally starting to feel better.  So that's a blessing. 

Some good news is I found out I won a Fracture picture frame.  Once I decide on a picture and receive it I'll write a blog post about the product and let you know what I think.

I need to go.  I have a lot to do today but wanted to write a quick update. 
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