Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Parks are great!

Today marks the day of living in Germany for two years.  Overall our experiences have been wonderful and I'm glad we took this adventure overseas because it has brought many challenges but also opportunities and blessings.  However, I've been feeling kind of lonely lately.  It seems like all my American and English speaking friends live near each other and are within walking distance of one another.  While our town consists of mostly Germans, which is really nice but it has been challenging finding friends our ages.  Thankfully we have some really great neighbors who have been very helpful to us these past few months.  But selfishly I have been wanting more.  As most of our neighbors are better friends with my husband.

This morning after meeting with a German attorney regarding my business I took my son to the park.  There were about 7 or 8 German moms there with their young children around my son's age.  My child wanted to go straight to the swing.  After pushing him in the swing a little bit I took him over to the sand to sit with the other moms and children.  We started talking and I found out that most if not all of them speak English (a very nice surprise) and our kids are all around the same age.  They told me they meet twice a week and invited me and my son to join them.  This might be the answered prayer I've been praying for.  It's hard being a mom and I think can be even more challenging when you don't have friends nearby.  Don't get me wrong, I have wonderful American and a few German friends here but like I said we don't live that close to one another.  So I was super excited to meet some nice ladies this morning.  


  1. that's great news marisa! i hope some good friendships come from this for you! the more support the better when you are staying home with baby!

  2. hey M,
    I am so glad you found some friends. I'm in a similar but totally different situation. I stay home all day, taking care of the needs of someone who can't take care of himself--cook meals, clean, help showerget to bed, do laundry, make sure he doesn't run away/hurt himself. In a weird way, it is like I am a mom, except Pop is 82 years old. I'm in a new place, too, and haven't found that many friends for my off days. I totally feel ya. If you need someone's shoulder, you can call on me. does your skype still work?
    I'll pray for you. maybe you can do the same for me?
    love ya.
    Loralee :)

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  4. Hi, it was nice going through your blog, my first time here.
    I have heard that the germans are fiercely loyal to their language ..:)

  5. Thanks everyone. Yes, a lot of Germans are VERY loyal to their language.


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