Thursday, August 12, 2010

My passion is now my business

Several weeks ago I asked my friends and readers their opinion on several DSLR cameras.  I want to thank everyone who responded.  I decided to purchase the Nikon D90 because of its almost endless possibilities.  It was a tough decision especially since I own a Cannon SLR and love Cannon cameras too.

My wonderful new camera has now arrived and I love it!  We bought it for several reasons.  (1) Photography is one of my favorite hobbies; and (2) thanks to the encouragement of a lot of friends and family, as well as the support of my sweet husband, I have decided to offer my services to the public.  That's right, I have started a photography business.  Having a photography business has been a dream of mine for a long time.  I just never thought I would actually  have one but it seems like this is a great time in my life to start one.  Since I live near a lot of Americans, I am mainly going to offer my services to them.  It can be challenging finding a good photographer in this area who speaks English and doesn't charge a small fortune.  Therefore, one of the biggest difference between me and the other people are my prices.  Not only am I new to the business but I also want to give people an opportunity to have professional portraits taken in this beautiful part of Germany without having to spend excessive amounts of money.  I have been practicing photography for over 15 years.  Am I really that old?  All portraits will be edited and marks such as blemishes will be removed. 

In college I took several photography and publishing courses including Underwater Photography.  Yep, a little known fact about me is I'm also certified in underwater photography.  Pretty crazy, right?  But that really doesn't do me any good living in Germany as the weather is too cold to take underwater pictures here.  Therefore, my portrait sessions will be on-location and above water.

I'm super excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to seeing how it goes.  My time is limited so I'm only able to offer a limited amount of portrait sessions per month.  My main job is taking care of my sweet boy and there is a shortage of babysitters in my area.    

I have already done two photo sessions, three if you include my son.  I had the pleasure of photographing a cute couple last Friday, and on Monday I did a senior portrait session.  You can see some of my work on my Facebook page and on my website.  My website also features some additional work I've done.  Please feel free to leave a comment on my work.

Please spread the word.  If you know someone who is looking to get family portraits or high school senior portraits taken, or if you're going to be in the Heidelberg or Mannheim area, please feel free to contact me.

I'm also going to be in Texas for the month of September.  Several people have asked me if I would do a photo session while I'm in town.  The answer is yes, but again, due to time restraints my time slots are limited.  Please contact me soon if you are interested in having a photo shoot while I'm in Texas.

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