Friday, July 2, 2010

First Haircut at Salon in Germany

Since moving to Germany almost two years ago, I have only had my haircut in Germany once and that was at someone's house.  The lady did a good job but I missed the "salon experience" of getting my hair washed and fixed up after the cut.  Usually I get it cut on vacation because I have seen a lot of women here with short "manly" looking haircuts.  Now I know why!  What a crazy experience.

Since my first German haircut, I have had my haircut in the States and in Portugal and Spain.  Getting a haircut in Portugal and Spain was very similar to getting a haircut in Texas.  They washed my hair first, then cut it, then dried it.  They did a great job.  My husband told them what I wanted.  In Spain the man sat down who cut my hair, I thought that was kind of weird, but the cashiers at the grocery stores in Germany sit down when you pay for your groceries so I'm not as surprised by odd (or different) customs as I used to be.  I actually think it's kind of cool that cashiers sit down in Germany.  There really isn't any point standing on your feet all day checking people out.  I've noticed most of the time people standing don't move any faster than someone sitting down.

After leaving my doctor's office yesterday, it's just a 5 minute walk from my house, we saw a salon.  My husband and I went over and looked at the prices.  I saw 25 Euros for a haircut with shampoo.  I thought, that's not bad.  The salon was attached to the lady's house, very typical, but also separate.  She had the door open where I could see the entrance from the chair but if the door was closed you'd think you were in a regular salon.

After explaining to the lady that I wanted my hair washed and cut, she told me to have a seat.  The first thing she asked was how much I wanted cut off.  I told her.  The lady then takes a spray bottle out and sprays the ends with water.  I tell her again that I want it washed.  She said she knew and would wash it after the haircut.  After she wet the ends, she pulled my hair in a pony tail with her hands and cut off a bunch!  Then basically cut my hair while it was mostly dry.  After cutting it she took a buzzer (used usually on men) to buzz the ends of my hair.  When she brought that out I started getting worried.  Thankfully it was just used on the ends.  Once she was done with all that it was time for her to wash my hair.  So I thought I would go to another room.  Oh no, there was a little sink in front of me with a sprayer that looked like the sprayers at the kitchen sinks in the States.  She told me to lean over, where my face was facing down in the sink.  Then she washed my hair while soap was dripping down my face and in my eyes.  I was thinking, what the heck am I doing here?!  This is not the relaxing experience I was hoping for.  Thankfully, the haircut looks good but it was crazy.  She also told me my hair looks better short.  She kept saying, "das ist better, das ist better."  She cut quite a bit off.  I like it, especially since it's so hot here.  I'm just glad it's not too short, manly short, that is.  Even though she used a buzzer.  Ha.  

I'm not sure if I'll go back to her or not.  I may go back to getting my haircut on vacations.  The thing I didn't like the most was soap dripping in my eyes and mouth while she washed my hair.  Other than that she did do a good job with the haircut.

 Before - taken a few weeks ago on my birthday

After - taken today (no make-up, it's too hot!)


  1. wow...that is crazy! I have no idea what she would have done with my wild hair, there is NO way she could have cut it dry :) I love the cut looks really nice on you!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I really need to get my first haircut in Germany, but have been postponing it since it's hard enough to find a good hairdresser at home, let alone one in Germany who also speaks English. It sounds like you had an interesting experience!

  3. I myself went to a hairdresser in the eastern part of Germany 1,5 years after moving there AND I only can say DO NOT LET ANY GERMAN HAIRDRESSER CUT YOUR HAIR - if you still want to look like a WOMAN!!!!!!!


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