Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Things Schools Don't Teach Well

In the article 10 Things Schools Don't Teach Well, by Live Science (, they mentioned 10 things students are not learning in schools anymore in the U.S.  They are:

* Listen to others
* Follow the steps
* Follow the rules
* Ignore distractions
* Ask for help
* Take turns when you talk
* Get along with others
* Stay calm with others
* Be responsible for your behavior
* Do nice things for others.

From what the Germans have said, these are pretty much the only skills children in German kindergarten learn.  They learn colors and numbers at home and work on their manners at school.  I think American schools could learn something about raising kids with manners rather than trying to cram a lot of pointless information at them.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather work with a kind person than someone who has no manners but knows a lot.  Plus society would improve as a whole if children were taught manners in school because unfortunately many are not learning them at home.  The one thing Germans are not taught, how to stand in line.  That's the one thing that could improve things over here. 

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