Thursday, February 18, 2010

Traveling with a Baby

As we are preparing to go on our first cruise with our soon to be 8 month old son, I want to share a few travel tips from our own personal experiences.  While this is our first cruise to take our son on, we have done quite a bit of traveling since he's been born.  He has already been to 7 different countries, taken 3 round trip flights, including one overseas.  I am not an expert but I have learned a few things.  Here are 11 tips for traveling with a baby.

1. Make a list of what you need and pack early.  I try to have everything packed at least two days before.  

2. Pack extra diapers and wipes especially if you are traveling somewhere you've never been.  This way you’ll have more time enjoying your destination rather than shopping for baby items. 

3. Carry-on extra clothes for the adults and the kids when flying.  There is something about airports and flying that sometimes makes a kid throw up or have extra leaky diapers.  

4. Try to keep your child's regular sleep schedule.  When you travel to a different time zone this is difficult.  But it's important that they get enough rest.  

5. Wipe sanitizers are lifesavers.  I know you can't avoid germs but there is nothing worse than having a sick baby when traveling.  We make it a habit to wipe down highchairs, seatbelts on airplanes, and toys that have fallen on the ground.  

6. On car trips stuff an empty tissue box with plastic bags.  These come in handy for dirty diapers, clothes, and all sorts of things.  

7. Take time to play.  Every day on your trip make sure your baby laughs and smiles.  It's very stimulating for them to travel and they need the extra connection with you.

8. Do not be afraid to throw clothes away.  If you're traveling and your baby has a big blow out diaper sometimes it is just easier to throw the outfit away.

9. Pack baby Tylenol and any other medicine they may need.  

10. Pack extra food.  You never know when your plane will be delayed.

11. Take lots of pictures.  They may not remember these trips so having pictures is a nice reminder.

Most children love traveling.  I hope these tips help you.  I’d love to hear any travel tips you have.


  1. Hi there! I just happened upon your blog via NOH. Nice! I also have a little one, Amelia, 6 months, and live here in good ol' Germany. Your tips on travelling are spot on. And yes, I have had to throw an outfit worries though, when I was back home, I found it, on sale in the next size up, so that was lucky! But here's my question: Where did you find baby tylenol here? Or are you just going with the German stuff? ;)

  2. Hi Jentry! I get Baby Tylenol from the States. There's some great medicine you can get from the Apotheke as well. But being an American with a now 9 month old, I like to have a few familiar meds on hand. =)

    I like your website. It's nice to meet another expat.


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