Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Our cruise was amazing.  Our flight was only delayed one hour and it was because the French Air Traffic Controllers went on strike.  Go figure!  Anyway, we made it safely and were able to meet up with my parents which is what matters most.   

Thankfully we were not cruising on Louis Cruises (the cruise ship that got hit by three "abnormally high" waves that broke windows in the front of the ship and killed two people. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of those who lost someone that night.

We left out of Barcelona and sailed on the Norwegian Jade.  This was our baby's first cruise and mine and my husband's third. We got a penthouse suite with my parents that had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a living room, and a dinning area.  We also had a butler, something we've never had on a cruise ship before. I highly recommend getting a suite! The master bedroom and bathroom in which my parents so generously let us have for 8 of the 9 nights was very spacious! It fit the baby's crib nicely. From the shower we had a huge window looking out on the ocean, and a nice ocean view from the big bathtub. Our suite also had a private balcony and four televisions! Crazy! We  do not allow our baby to watch TV. However, two of the TVs had DVD players and we could rent movies from our ship to watch for free. So most nights after putting our baby to bed, my husband and I watched a movie in the living room or sat and talked while my parents went to a show or other evening event.  Our ship also had a tennis court and my dad and I played a set. It was really nice!  They also had a special room on the ship for children under 2 called Zoo under 2.  We took our son there a few times and he had a great time.  

Our baby did great and everyone had a wonderful time.  This coming week I will post our experiences at each port and about our time in Barcelona.  

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