Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Carry extra change

When traveling in Germany and in some other European countries it is important to carry extra change with you.  You will need the change to pay to use the restroom.  It usually costs anywhere between 0.30 Euro cent - 0.50 Euro cent.  Places where you normally do not have to pay include McDonalds, most restaurants if you eat at them, and a few retail shops if they have a public WC.  You even have to pay at most malls to use the restroom, usually around 0.30 Euro cent.  Most gas stations cost 0.50 Euro cent but will give you a ticket you can use at the station to buy something.  There are a few exceptions for everyone.  Handicap people usually do not have to pay and if you need to change your baby's diaper you can usually do that for free.  However, not all changing rooms have a toilet, so you may still have to pay for yourself to go.  On the positive side, the restrooms in Germany are usually really clean.

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  1. Interesting this coin op toilet is not a novel concept to me. I do remember when I was really little many places in NYC had these bathrooms. Like a parking meter or a subway turnstile...you had to pay to go :-) I have a vague memory of going and when I was done my grandmother telling me "don't shut the door, don't shut the door!" and she would hurriedly swing in there before the door closed to be able to go on the same coin. :-)

    They were definitely kept cleaner (probably maintained by a bathroom matron) and I am not completely sure why the coin stalls were removed, but I am thinking it was to avoid breaking the coin holder and theft of the change. I wonder how many bathroom matrons were unemployed after that. So sad but NYC did have a more euro feel to it.

    I wonder if I can link to something else I remember from that era. I am amazed watching this video that they mentioned it was originally taken from a concept in Berlin. I am curious if you still see anything like this in Germany?


    OMG I found your blog and haven't left for the last couple of days (i am healing up from surgery!) :-)

    Love & Light .



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