Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

Today was great.  Our church service was wonderful and we are enjoying the sunshine.  

Der Osterhase (the Easter Bunny) came and left my son some nice goodies.  He left some colorful eggs in the nest we made him out of shredded paper.  My baby's Easter basket was filled with a stuffed bunny, baby carrots, baby treats, and three books: Little Bunny, Little Duck, and a German Easter board book.  We also had a little Easter egg hunt for him to go on in our living room.  He enjoyed the day.

Here are a few pictures.

Der Osterhase's nest and basket

 After my son went through everything

Our neighbor's Easter tree

1 comment:

  1. Easter is so much more fun with kids around! I always thought Easter was a blah holiday, (even with the chocolate!) but once I became a mom it started being way more fun :-)


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