Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not quite a hostel - our time in Prague

This past weekend we went to Prague.  Shamefully I am somewhat of a hotel snob.  I like comfortable beds and clean rooms when I travel.  But I'm also a budget traveler and really like to travel so I'm constantly looking for the best deal possible.  

Some friends of ours who are currently living in the Ukraine went to Prague last week for a vacation.  We decided to drive and meet them there this weekend.  Being a last minute trip I decided to try and find a bed and breakfast.  I've heard there are some really nice ones that are very cheap.  Thus I found Ota's House.  It was literally a house.  Our bathroom was shared with another room in which thankfully nobody had booked.  The rooms were clean and it was non-smoking.  The price was great, 770 Czh per night (around $40) and that included breakfast.  What was not okay was this...

...our bathroom.  Notice, no shower curtain and the shower head is hanging on a little green seahorse thingy upside down.  Needless to say the floor was soaked when I was done with it.  At least we had hot water!

The breakfast was typical European style: bread, cheese, and yogurt.

A plus of this B&B was the rooms.  They were bigger than typical hotel rooms in Europe.  We also were blessed with two rooms.  This was the room connected to ours in which we set up our baby's crib and left our suitcase.

Here's our room.  It's a toss up on whether or not the floor or our bed would be more comfortable to sleep on.  Okay, maybe not that bad, but it was a very old springy mattress.  Usually our baby wants to sleep with us on vacation, but not this time.  He stayed in his crib all night long.  I guess after laying him on our bed for a few minutes he had had enough too.  If felt like there was a sharp object poking up through the mattress.  It was a rough night's sleep.

But Prague was a very cool city and the B&B was cheap so that was nice.  We ended up taking our vacation for around $350 and that included gas.

Public transportation is very good there.  You can leave your car parked once you arrive in Prague.

We left our car in the backyard of our B&B.

Apparently not too many people drive to Prague.  We were the only ones at this B&B who drove.

We are so glad we went and got to see our friends, even if our B&B was a little old and shabby.

If you decide to stay in Prague on the cheap and don't mind a lumpy bed and a funky shower, I'd recommend Ota's House.


  1. We were planning a trip to Prague last year - a celebration of the 20 year anniversary since were last there together... planned to hire a car in Bonn and drive... but NO hire car company in Germany allows you to take a car to Prague because of the extreme rate of Car Theft. We then changed to Dresden - and our friends met us there. It is a fab city huh!

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  3. Lulusbay - I didn't know about the car theft problem. I'm glad we were able to park our car safely behind our B&B. Yes, Prague is a really neat city. I'd like to visit Dresden too.


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