Monday, April 26, 2010

A park worth living in Germany for...

Saturday my family went to Luisenpark, a really cool park in Mannheim.  The previous week was my first time to go and I took my son.  When I came home I told my husband about the park, it made him want to go too.  What can I say except that this park is amazing?!  It is the biggest park I have ever been to and once you are inside you forget about the big city around you. 

When I first went it made me feel a lot better about living in Germany.  Is that strange for a park to make you feel that way?  I liked it so much that many of the problems I have had while living in this country seem to not matter as much. Just knowing that I have this beautiful place to visit so close to my home adds to the quality of my life here.

The park costs 5 Euros to get in or you can buy a season pass for 35 Euros.  We ended up buying season passes Saturday.  Children 6 and under are free.  You can bring your own food and drinks in the park or eat at their many snack bars and restaurants.  They accept cash only so make sure and bring your Euros.

At the park there are a lot of different birds including penguins.  There is a mini farm with different farm animals for kids to see and learn about life on the farm.  There are many "gondaoetta" boats that float around a river and a mini train that will shuttle you around the park if you just want to sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

The flowers in the gardens are beautiful and they change seasonally.  There are many gardens to see including a rose garden, Chinese garden, arboretum, and greenhouses. 

The first time I went I spent 5 hours and still didn't see everything.  Saturday we spent 3 hours.  Plan to spend a good bit of time there if you go and consider bringing a blanket or lawn chairs.  Or you can rent one of the many metal lawn chairs at the park for a Euro. 

There are a lot of things for kids to do there.  There are several playgrounds, tire swings, green grass to run and play on, bumper cars, and more.  They also have concerts, operas, and plays on an open-air stage that seats approximately 1,000 people.

I have not been to Mannheim that many times but every time I go I become more impressed with the diversity and amenities the city offers.  Where are some of your favorite cities and places to visit?


  1. My favorite spot there is the "sound garden" tucked into a canopy of trees there is music playing from hidden speakers. A meandering path goes through and there are places to stop and sit and relaaax. I haven't been back this trip, but my last visit brought the same soothing sanity saving peace you seem to have experienced. Also in Mannheim we visited the cultural history museum and the planetarium which were both great. I do also enjoy the Schwetzingen castle gardens if you want something a little closer.

  2. What a beautiful oasis in the middle of a city! Mannheim always seemed like the ugly stepchild when we lived in Heidelberg in the 60's and was only the place where my husband went to work. I see you changed your header to a picture of the Luisenpark. Where was the previous picture taken?

  3. Little Green - the sound garden was nice. We have been to the Schwetzingen castle gardens and thought they were beautiful also. Thanks for the suggestion on the cultural history museum and the planetarium, we'll have to visit those.

    Beverly - when we first moved here people told us how ugly Mannheim was too. I actually think it is a really neat city. Also I have found that overall the people who live there seem friendlier than in Heidelberg. The previous picture was taken in Funchal, Portugal, which is a very beautiful city.


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