Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The cloth diapers have arrived!

Most of my cloth diapers have arrived.  I received the bumGenius Organic All-in-Ones yesterday and today my FuzziBunz arrived in the mail.  We have not tried them out on the baby yet because they need to be washed 5-7 times before wearing.  Tomorrow the fun begins.

Here are my bumGenius Organics.  Is it weird to get this excited about diapers?

He asked "are you going to put all those diapers on me?  Oh no!!"


  1. I got some flips I really look forward to using them.

    Did you ever try the dispoable inserts, if you do they sell them cheapest at Rossmann or dm, you get about 50 for 3 euro. They are called flockenwindeln.

    I made the mistake of buying on amazon and spent 11 euro thinking their was no cheaper option, doh. Live and learn.

    I have prefolds and the disposable liners to try. My hebamme (midwife) also suggest putting those inside disposables at night if you use sposies.

  2. I have used the disposable inserts but ended up having to use at least two if I didn't want the diaper to leak.

    Thanks for the information about the flockenwindeln. I will take a look because 3 Euros is cheap.


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