Monday, May 3, 2010

Spargel for Dinner!

During this time of year, Spargel (white asparagus) is in season and becomes a popular seasonal specialty at restaurants.  You can also buy it at all the grocery stores and people even have spargel stands where they sell different sized spargel.  The thicker the stalk, the more expensive it is.

I went to the Kaufland today and could not resist buying some and making it for dinner.  We cooked it last year and although I honestly prefer regular green asparagus, I like to eat spargel when it's in season.  Here is how we prepared it.

First I washed the Spargel
Then I peeled the Spargel, similiar to peeling a carrot or potato.
Next I cut it up and steamed it on the stove.  We have also boiled them.
Then make or heat up your sauce. We like Thomy's Hollandaise sauce.
Add the rest of your food.  I heated up some ham and dinner was ready!  This is a common German dish, ham and spargel.  If we would have had pommes (french fries) we'd really be set.
Here is my sweet baby.  He had spinach for dinner tonight for the first time.  Thankfully he really liked it!

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