Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Traveling with Cloth Diapers

Several people have asked me, "can you use cloth diapers when you travel?"  My response is "you can!" When we went to Ireland we decided not to use cloth diapers because we would not have time to wash  them.  However, if you decide to use cloth diapers when you travel there are some great options out there depending on where you're going and if you will have a place to do laundry.  Honestly, I think it's easier to use disposables unless you're going on a short weekend trip.  In which you simply bring your laundry bag with you and wash the cloth diapers when you return home. 

bumGenius Flip with Stay Dry Insert - MoonbeamLive GroVia - Full Time GroVia Diaper PackageI have two favorite cloth diapers I like to use for short trips and everyday outings.  They are bumGenius Flips (on top) and GroVia (below). Both are hybrid cloth diapers which means you reuse the cover several times (unless it gets dirty) and replace the inserts.  Flips come in organic cotton, stay dry, or disposable inserts.  GroVia comes in organic cotton and includes a stay dry booster for naps, car trips, and bedtime.  You can also purchase biodegradable soaker pads for the GroVia.  I have not purchased any of these yet.  The biggest advantage of using a hybrid diaper when you travel is they take up less space in your diaper bag and you have the option of disposing less waste if you choose the disposable or biodegradable inserts. 

I will do a video review of both of these diapers soon.  I like the GroVia more than the Flips simply because you snap the insert in the shell rather than stuff it under a flap.  Therefore it stays put easier.  Also the shell is made of higher quality.  However, if you're on a budget, Flips are something to consider.  I bought a day pack of Flips which came with two shells and six stay dry inserts for $50.  I bought three GroVia shells and six inserts for around $80.  A friend gave me a box of disposable Flips inserts that I have not tried yet.  Other than that I use the stay dry inserts for Flips and the organic cotton inserts for the GroVia.


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  2. I'd like to see a giveaway, especially of Grovia.

  3. I had heard a lot of complaints about the grovia that it was more like a pocket due to having mesh or something so it had to be changed with every wet diaper.

    I bought some flip seconds for 10 each and a few used ones I think 2 for 10 or so on diaper swappers. But I did not buy the brand specific inserts. I plan to use prefolds or flat with them and also the disposable inserts on the german market.

  4. I do change the outer shell of the Grovia and the Flips pretty frequently. So I would agree that they are actually both more like a pocket diaper. However, depending on how your baby pees, they don't always get the shell wet so you are sometimes able to use the shell more than once.


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