Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Garmisch, Germany

This past weekend we went to a marriage retreat in Garmisch, Germany.  The retreat was awesome and we enjoyed Garmisch a lot.  We took a personality test and learned how to better communicate with each  other based on our personalities - being a communications minor, I loved it!  

The last time we visited Garmisch was before I was pregnant and was during the fall.  This time the ground was covered in snow and it was simply beautiful.  We drove through Austria on our way and on our way home.  Austria is a beautiful country too.  

Friday afternoon we had some free time and could have gone skiing but ended up not going.  The easy trails down were not open and it has been a while since either of us have skied.   Plus childcare was only available for a certain amount of time. Instead we took our son sledding, played in the snow, and went swimming in our hotel's heated swimming pool.  It was a nice getaway and our marriage benefited from it.

Walking down the streets in a cute town in Austria

Outside our hotel room at night

Playing in the snow

About to drive under a mountain

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