Monday, August 15, 2011

Prayer Request

First picture of our baby taken last Friday, 8.12.11
We want to ask all our friends out there to please pray for us.  This may seem like a strange way to tell people, but I know if you read this blog then you probably either know me or care about our family, maybe both. I am 6 weeks pregnant.  My first doctor's appointment was last Friday.  Everything looked great.  Then Saturday I started bleeding. and having cramps  This continued Sunday, so we went to the hospital Sunday morning. I wasn't sure where to go and that seemed like the most logical place to go on the weekend. A midwife did an ultrasound, things weren't looking too good.  She said to stay off my feet and rest.  She called my doctor and talked to him because I am rH negative and she wanted to know if she should give me the shot or if I should wait until I saw him. He said for me to wait and he wanted to see me Monday morning. This morning I went to see him.  Things are still not looking good.  My doctor said that most likely I am having a miscarriage.  I ask that you please pray that I'm not.  Several people have told me they bled throughout their pregnancy and things turned out okay.  We are going back to the doctor Friday morning.  The sac is still there, it is just smaller.  It went from round to oval.  =(  If we don't hear the heartbeat then we have probably lost him/her.  This is a very sad time for us.  We were waiting to share the good news when we come in town in a few weeks and were so excited to finally announce a pregnancy to our family in person.  However, due to the unexpected, we are asking for prayers at this time.  Please pray that God will help our little one make it.  If it is not His will, ask for peace and healing for our family.  I am at a loss for words.  I know several people have called me today but I have not been able to pick up the phone.  I will respond eventually.  I am just very sad and worried right now.

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  1. I am thinking of you Marissa. I pray that you and baby are healthy.


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