Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Christmas Card Holder

I was browsing the internet the other night for ideas to hold Christmas cards.  I saw a triangle with elastic and thought it looked cute.  Given that I don't have any sewing abilities and could not find my hot glue gun, I decided to create something similar using good old fashion duct tape.

I took a box from Amazon.

Cut it into a Christmas tree shape

Used duct tape to reinforce my tree design.  Noticed I almost used the whole box.  I only had two pieces leftover.

I found some green fabric from years ago that I bought when I was taking a sewing class at JoAnn's.

Laid the fabric over the box and cut and taped it into place.  Here's the front.

Here's the back.  Don't worry, nobody will see this but us. :)

I got some elastic.

I used every bit of it to make "holders" on the tree to hold all the wonderful Christmas cards we'll receive this year.  I wish I had a little more but I think it turned out fine.

Here's my Christmas Tree Christmas Card Holder.  I'm not sure how long it will last but I think it turned out pretty good for a non-crafty person.  The best part about it, it was practically free since I already had everything I needed.  If you were to make this you could probably make it for less than $5!  That's a deal!  It took me a little over an hour with help from my 3-year old.

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