Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Making the Move

When my husband decided to accept a job in Germany we both had a lot of mixed feelings, mainly positive ones. A lot changed, I had to quit my job, we had a house in the States and only a month to try and sell it or rent it, and the economy was not doing so good back home. Over all we welcomed the change. My husband's new job sounded interesting. We also thought, what a great opportunity to see Europe. At the time we did not have any kids so it made traveling a lot easier. After two months of living over here, however, I became pregnant with our first child. My pregnancy was an exciting time as we prepared to have a baby overseas.

There is a lot of things to consider before making a move overseas. Here are a few questions to consider before diving forward:

1. Can I afford to move? Losing my salary was a challenge at first especially since we still have a house in the States.

2. Am I okay moving to a place that speaks a different language (unless you already speak the language). Neither one of us spoke German when we moved.

3. How will you keep in contact with family and friends? Thankfully international calling plans are not very expensive so that's a great way to stay in touch. Also the internet is a great tool.

4. Is it a good move, career wise?

5. Do I like to travel? There are so many great opportunities to travel when you move.

6. How will the other members in your family adjust to the move? If you have kids it's especially important to include them in your discussions on moving overseas.

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