Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fish Fest

Last night we walked downtown and ate at our town's fish fest.  We had wanted to go to one but had not had a chance yet.  It was held at our local fishing club.  It was a 6 minute walk from our house.  That is one thing I love about our town.  We can walk almost everywhere within 5-10 minutes.  Within 5 minutes we are downtown where there are dozens of restaurants, several bakeries, small grocery stores, a few pharmacies, and local retail.  In the States to get anywhere we had to drive at least 5 minutes.

There were a good number of people at the fish fest.  We misunderstood the price, you would think after living here almost two years we wouldn't get that wrong.  We thought it was 2.40 Euros per fish.  No, it was 2.40 Euros per 500 grams.  We ended up buying two large fish and spent close to 30 Euros.  So much for a "cheap" dinner.  Thankfully the fish was good, not quite as good as my dad makes it, but better than a lot of places.  The drinks were refreshing and the live music was pleasant.  I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't get to take any pictures of our dinner or the fishing club. Maybe next time I will have it with me.

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