Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Colors a Day for 1 Week - Day 2

My son enjoying his snack
Day 2 was successful!  We ate out for lunch so I ordered spinach ravioli that I shared with my 2 year old.  It was an easy way to get spinach in our diet. We had tacos for dinner.  If you are eating meatless, stuff the tacos with beans and rice instead of the meat and top with any additional items.

Day 2

Breakfast: French toast, sliced apples

Snack: Green and purple grapes, sliced cheese, crackers

Lunch: Spinach ravioli with alfredo sauce, carrots, tomatoes

Snack: dried cranberries, graham crackers

Dinner: Avocado, Tacos with beef, rice, beans, and corn

Blue/Purple: purple grapes
Green: spinach, avocado, green grapes
Red: red apple, tomatoes, cranberries
Yellow: corn
Orange: carrots

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