Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 Colors a Day for 1 Week - Day 3

Fun smiley face for my son - kids love silly faces
We have completed day 3 of our 5 colors a day fruit and vegetable challenge.  We seem to be eating a lot of green foods lately.  I think that is okay since we're rounding it off with a lot of other colors.

Occasionally, I make my food presentations fun. Today I made a smiley face for my son.  I gave him his whole wheat crackers and 2 corn tortilla chips on the side after he ate his vegetables. 

Day 2

Breakfast: Whole wheat pancakes, sliced pears

Lunch: Nachos with tomatoes and avocados

Snack: blueberries, green grapes, oranges, cheese, and graham crackers

Dinner: Sausage, veggie sausage (for me), broccoli mac and cheese, and banana pudding

Nachos for the rest of us
Blue/Purple: blueberries
Green: avocado, green grapes, broccoli, green pear
Red: tomatoes
Yellow: banana
Orange: oranges

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