Thursday, January 5, 2012

My car is shipped!

This morning we went to ship my car overseas.  While it's not actually on the vessel yet, it is now out of our hands.  When shipping a vehicle back to the States it has to be in perfect condition.  Thankfully we don't eat in our cars and we don't have pets.  But still, it rains a lot in Germany so we had plenty of dirt to on the mats to get up.  They told me the estimated date of arrival will be Feb. 27th!  Boy that's a long time.  We are hoping to get it before then but most likely we won't.  We delivered it just in time too, because not too long after handing it over it started hailing on us.

There is so much to do when getting ready to move overseas.  I felt rushed when we made the move over here 3.5 years ago.  Of course I had to quit a job and try and sell our house.  Back then it was just my husband and I so that made things a little easier.  Now I have a very busy 2.5 year old who loves to get into everything.  Thankfully some of our friends offered to watch Blue Rock the first day the packers are coming.  Now we just need to find someone for the following two days.  Meanwhile I am going to continue selling items and deciding what to ship in unaccompanied baggage.

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