Thursday, August 30, 2012

We have a Preschooler in the House!

Today was Blue Rock's first day of preschool. These past three years have really gone by. I am pleased to say that his first day went great! Blue Rock had a lot of fun and I think he is really going to enjoy his time at school. He didn't cry or come after me, he went straight to the table with where the other guys were and started making magnetic crafts. He has come a LONG way! This is the child who cried and cried and cried when I used to leave him in the childcare in MOPS and PWOC in Germany. He would cling to my leg and chase after me. I never "snuck" out because I wanted him to always know I would be back for him. I think part of that had to do with the childcare workers. Also more times than not, I would just keep him with me. I could not bear hearing my baby cry out. It was if he was crying for help. So this is really new to us. Since we've moved back to the U.S. he has really loved his Sunday school teachers and now his preschool teachers. Some of the childcare workers in Germany were really good and some were not. They were all paid for by the military chapel and it depended on who was working that day.
Walking upstairs to preschool with my cute backpack
His teacher said he did really good today. The only problem he had was keeping his shoes on. Welcome to my world. He takes his shoes off everywhere we go. We don't wear shoes in our house, we carried that tradition from Germany and I think it really keeps away germs. But we would like him to wear shoes out in public. If he's up walking and playing around he keeps them on but once he sits down at a restaurant or at church, for example, off they go. Hopefully his preschool teacher will be successful. She said she told him he couldn't play if he wasn't wearing his shoes and she said he was pretty good about putting them back on. Sometimes a little positive peer pressure helps.

Blue Rock said he had a lot of fun. The kids played outside, read stories, played with play-doh and did some crafts, and he said his teacher made him a boat. I asked if the boat was on water and he said no. Maybe it was a paper boat or something, I'm not sure. Meanwhile, I went to a doctor's appointment, had a date lunch with my hot husband, returned a faulty item to the grocery store, went by Lifeway, and enjoyed 45 minutes at home to get some work done before picking Blue Rock up. It's amazing how fast I can shop and return items when I am alone. I love having Blue Rock with me but I think he had more fun at school. I'm hoping this will help my stress level. Spending nearly every minute of over three years with your child is a lot of parent/child time. I have loved it but am a little run down and am looking forward to hearing stories from Blue Rock about his time in preschool.

Blue Rock and his teacher

Blue Rock with his art and music teacher

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